First things first; I have no idea what I’m doing. I neither know how to write a blog, nor how to work this site – bear with me if you dare. Secondly, I have previously had the narrow-minded belief that those who write blogs may have slightly warped views of self importance and/or are a teeny bit pretentious, so I’m either a huge hypocrite or I’m more openminded now.. perhaps a bit of both. Therefore, I also totally respect that there will be some who don’t want to read it, so don’t! For those of you who do, please enjoy and I will appreciate any insights or comments you have.

After many Facebook conversations with different friends from home, I’ve realised that I am both repeating the same things constantly, but also having mini epiphanies while telling them about adventures. Travel changes you A LOT, or at least, it has me. So, I figured I can kill two birds with one medium: I can share my experiences with those of whom are interested, while taking the time to notice what I am actually doing and thinking and feeling. I think this will be great to look back on too.


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