To bend or to break?

Rules. Limits. Boundaries. Whatever you call them, most people have some. I’ve begun to realise that I have too many.

Why should we limit ourselves, for some unknown, intangible reason. I don’t mean to say that everyone should go out and get addicted to ice because, ‘why not?’ but maybe we should loosen the reigns on life a little. Try something you haven’t before: eat some weird meat, a weird gelato flavour or a new cocktail. See what happens. Perhaps the benefits will outweigh the costs, if there are any costs to begin with. If they don’t, then you live and you learn and you don’t do it again. Something is only a mistake if you repeat it.

In the last six months I have been exposed to more alternative views than what I have been previously. Two people, in particular, have encouraged me to actually think about not only what views I have, but why I have them. By the first, I felt a little violated and bombarded by the stream of logical, well expressed questions, and became strangely defensive and frustrated. I later realised that the reason I was frustrated not at them, but at myself.  I really could not give any valid reasons explaining the beliefs that I have. Why do I have them then? I’m still figuring that out. 

The second person, even more eloquent and progressive, suggested that a little whim and chaos might actually unveil some hidden beauties. Deep, yes, but I am inclined to believe it. Living a sheltered life has been fine. Living and travelling here, though, is a different ball game. A little change can’t hurt. You don’t know what is out there until you go looking, or lower the walls so it can come to you. 

What is the advantage to denying oneself of things ‘just because’, when it might be the best thing you ever do. Now this can really be in any context or setting, but the main ones I’ve been confronted with are drugs and alcohol. No, I have tried no drugs and do not plan on it. Alcohol, yes – in moderation though.. most of the time. Why do we have the convictions we have? What happens when they change, and what does that mean for you, as a person? Still figuring that out too.

This is not to say that you should just go out and do absolutely everything without thinking it through, but perhaps I will analyse things just a little less, and say yes just a little more. 


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