Croatia Sailing

Let me introduce you all to DrunkAmy. Actually, I can’t, because SoberAmy doesn’t even remember most of what DrunkAmy did. Whoops. What a week. Croatia Sailing was rumoured to be a week of drunken debauchery, and it well and truly surpassed my expectations. Seven days of sun baking, swimming and sightseeing, and seven nights of delicacies, dancing and drinking. Mainly the latter. Hvar, the first stop, was breathtaking. After experiencing a Tequila Boom Boom – where they literally smash the helmet you wear with the glass of Tequila, about 4 times, before you drink it – and having a dance, I had a wander and never made it to Carpe Diem. I instead, of course, found a gelato shop and weighed up the options: to party or to sleep. I opted for the smarter option (for the first and only time that week) and meandered along the docks where, to my delight, I found a masseuse! Heaven. I definitely made the right decision.


A few days later was Korcula. After exploring this quaint little island, the girls and I headed to Massimo’s, a rooftop cocktail bar overlooking the bay. Asking the bar tender “Can I please have an orgasm?” was awkward to say the least, especially when he replied with, “sure, but would you like a drink too?”. I think the cocktails were named this way deliberately… 


After pres on the boat, we headed to Charlie Bar and had buckets. I had a Sex on the Beach, a bit of a dance, and that is pretty much the last thing I remember for quite a few hours.. I hear it was a good night, and somehow I know that I got to BoogieJingle (cause I found the entrance ticket in my bag the next day!) and that’s when the recollections begin again – there were great hotdogs at the exit. We made it back to the boat and I wasn’t even hungover – winning! Tess, that’s the 4am unflattering selfie you were lucky enough to receive.. sorry!

**Please note that as crazy as this week sounds, I was never hungover, nor sick so maybe it’s just wild in comparison to my previous, conservative way of clubbing.

The rest of the week followed in just about the same fashion; swim stops in the morning were a great way to wake up, and I wasn’t even hung over for the whole week! Dubrovnik was a highlight. Walking those walls and taking in the view was a pretty pretty thing to experience, as was being a beach bum on Beanie Beach.. or perhaps it was just the bums on the beach that I liked…


Other highlights of the week include finding Jess at about 4am in Dubrovnik and having a burek (typical Croatian mince filled pastry), the sailor/pirate party in Omis and the 300m vertical, rocky hike we did before that. 

IMG_3304 IMG_3249     

I also loved getting to know everyone on the boat itself. Despite the confined living quarters, everyone got on super well and therefore made the experience that much better, cause you got to share it with 28 of likeminded people… Although some were a bit wilder than others. 

IMG_3145 IMG_3380

So, Croatia Sailing – DO IT. Well worth the money, sickness and effort of getting to and from Croatia (but seriously, don’t fly out of Split unless you like waiting for about 4 hours). Busabout was a great company to do it with – between the guide, the people with which you travel and just the carefree mentality, it really couldn’t have been better.



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