Pacifism and Morality- an argument between two friends

An insightful and accurate discussion about pacifism and violence and the arguments which occur between friends, written by one of mine. I hope to write as eloquently as she, one day.



My friend Jack is a valuable guy to know. Jack is that guy on Facebook always posting links to things like news and activism when everyone else is inviting you to secret warehouse parties. On the big important issues, we agree. Nazism, bad. Misogyny, very bad. Abbott- don’t get him started.

But where we differ is in how we think the evils in this world should be confronted.

Jack was with me one day in St Kilda when I was assaulted by two men. I was shaking with fear, he was shaking with rage. After the fact he said he was glad he didn’t completely lose it and start a fight. I was glad too. Glad that I’m more of a drop the backpack and call the police kind of girl. Glad I didn’t have to see what was already a deeply unpleasant incident become one that defined the rest…

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