Croatia Sailing

Let me introduce you all to DrunkAmy. Actually, I can’t, because SoberAmy doesn’t even remember most of what DrunkAmy did. Whoops. What a week. Croatia Sailing was rumoured to be a week of drunken debauchery, and it well and truly surpassed my expectations. Seven days of sun baking, swimming and sightseeing, and seven nights of […]

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Adrenaline in Amsterdam: a lesson

A piece of advice: if you’re going to Amsterdam, remember to tell the people you’re with to take the leftover weed OUT of their bag, before you go back into Germany. I think someone should have my friend’s friends this before we returned home. During a night out in a typical Amsterdam coffee shop, the group I was with invested […]

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To bend or to break?

Rules. Limits. Boundaries. Whatever you call them, most people have some. I’ve begun to realise that I have too many. Why should we limit ourselves, for some unknown, intangible reason. I don’t mean to say that everyone should go out and get addicted to ice because, ‘why not?’ but maybe we should loosen the reigns […]

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The Gelato Diaries

If you have me on Facebook, or follow me on Instagram, you’ll know the extent to which I am making the most of the opportunities to eat gelato. It. Is. EVERYWHERE. And delicious. It is on literally every corner in major cities, and having had many recommendations from friends – and a terrible sweet tooth […]

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First things first; I have no idea what I’m doing. I neither know how to write a blog, nor how to work this site – bear with me if you dare. Secondly, I have previously had the narrow-minded belief that those who write blogs may have slightly warped views of self importance and/or are a […]

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